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There’s no limit on how many times you can take action, so put it on your daily to-do list and make your voice heard!


  • Action Alerts can be sent multiple times!  Legislators will remember you if they have received multiple emails on the same topic.
  • Every letter sent through an Action Alert makes an impact!
  • Action Alerts can be edited to personalize them.  Just click on the pencil, type your changes, and click SAVE.
  • Action Alerts are tied to the email and mailing address associated with your AND membership.  You will need your email and zip code to find your legislators.
  • Share action alerts with your RD/RDN/NDTR colleagues and friends via email and/or social media.
  • Email Nana Ofosu-Benefo, Public Policy Coordinator, if you need assistance.

Current Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Action Alerts:

  • Support the Food Date Labeling Act of 2019
  • Support the School Food Modernization Act to help school nutrition programs serve healthy food to children
  • Increase access to health care through the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act and the Expanding Access to Diabetes Self-Management Training Act.
  • Support the Preventive Health Savings Act