Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following 2020 VAND Annual Award Recipients!


Outstanding Dietitian of the Year

Barbara Goodin, MS, RD

Each year the Virginia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics presents the highest honor that is bestowed upon a well-deserving Registered Dietitian Nutritionist VAND member: the Outstanding Dietitian of the Year Award. This award recognizes hard work, loyalty, integrity, and leadership within our organization on a district and state level. He or she exemplifies the Vision of AND to optimize health through food and nutrition; she promotes the Mission of AND which is to empower members to be the food and nutrition leaders. The Outstanding Dietitian of the Year Award for Virginia goes to Barbara Goodin, MS, RD, from Charlottesville, Virginia.

Barb earned her BS degree in Dietetics and Nutrition from Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri, completed a dietetic internship through the University of Virginia Medical Center, and a master’s degree in Nutrition from James Madison University. Barb entered the field with clinical nutrition work at UVA, then Nutrition Coordinator for WIC, and currently is a respected Pediatric Nutrition Specialist in the Metabolic Diseases Program at the UVA Health System,

Barb is instrumental in the nutritional management of metabolic diseases, working with children who have inborn errors of metabolism. In his letter of support for Barb, Dr. Bill Wilson, head of the Division of Genetics at UVA writes: “Barb has been a leader within the state in adopting new therapies and managing the changing needs of our patient population as they mature. Her treatment activities which are individualized to each patient, have led to a reduction in the impact that these disorders have on our patients in terms of their cognitive abilities and medical complications.”

Barb participated in the first national “Maternal PKU Collaborative Study”; the results helped to establish the management of pregnancies in women who themselves have PKU. For 29 years, she has organized an annual PKU picnic for patients and their extended families; it is the largest of its kind in Virginia and attracts families from all over the state. Extending her expertise has enabled her to work in the Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Clinic and Pediatric Endocrine Clinic where she is a much-valued team member.

Barb is a preceptor for the UVA dietetic internship program and is historically known for being a favorite among the interns. She just received the AND Nutrition and Dietetic Educators Preceptors 2020 Outstanding Preceptor Award for the Southeast Region! A recent intern noted: “Despite her superior knowledge of genetic errors of metabolism, Barb provides the most nurturing space to learn. She seamlessly incorporated me into conversations with the interdisciplinary team, valuing my insight and encouraging me to ask any questions to guide my learning. In addition to all this, what resonated with me the most is the understated importance of compassion from healthcare providers. Barb cares for her patients in a way I have never seen and she teaches these skills throughout the rotation. It has left a lasting impact on my developing dietetics practice.”

Barb is a steadfast advocate for nutrition and dietetics through public policy. Specifically, she has tirelessly supported better coverage of medically necessary formulas for patients with PKU, meeting with legislators during Virginia’s General Assembly to discuss the importance of this issue. This bill recently passed unanimously in the Senate! Her compassion, clear communication, and understanding of complicated health conditions make her a natural advocate for patients and our profession.

It is impossible to think about the Blue Ridge Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics without immediately thinking about Barb. She has volunteered in many capacities for over 40 years, including President-Elect, President, Secretary, Bylaws Chair, Legislative Chair and for many years, serving on the VAND Annual Meeting Planning Committee.

Thank you, Barb, for sharing your nutrition expertise, enthusiasm, and can-do positive spirit for over 40 years with your colleagues and the residents of Virginia.

Submitted by Rita P. Smith, MS, RD, CDE
BRAND Bylaws Chair
Charlottesville, VA


Emerging Dietetics Leader

Alexandra Wahlberg Freiman, RDN, CSG


Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year

Eva Manthe, RDN, CNSC


Outstanding Dietetics Student – Dietetic Intern

Laura Burross Jackson

Personal Statement from Laura Burross Jackson

“I would like to give special thanks to my preceptors (Julia Oblein, Amanda Massabki, Stephanie Preece, and Meghan Schorr), my Dietetic Internship Directors (Michelle Sagristano, Karen Smith, and Sunitha Zechariah), and my colleagues Michelle Spurlock, Dr. Elaine Molaison, and the faculty at the University of Alabama, and the King’s Daughters Milk Bank team.  I did not earn this award alone.  I had a wonderful, extensive support system and an amazing group of women who guided me.”