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Hope Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDE, BC-ADM

Website: hopewarshaw.com

Hope Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDE, BC-ADM, teamed up with QuantiaMD®, the leading online physician community to develop EatSmart® – a FREE app for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android for people with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. At this point 10 topics are covered from “Carbs: How Much to Eat & How to Count It”, to “Sugars: What You Need to Know” to “Deciphering the Food Label.”More topics will be added over time. Each topic is ten minutes. Content was developed and narrated by Warshaw and include practical tips and visuals. Learn more about EatSmart® and the companion app Daily Coach®, developed by Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE, an exercise physiologist expert in diabetes. To learn more, go to Hope Warshaw’s Website.

Hope Warshaw and her colleague Karmeen Kulkarni, MS, RD, CDE, BC-ADM, have updated their consumer book, The Complete Guide to Carb Counting, as a 3rd edition. It is the A-Z guide to carbohydrate counting for diabetes whether people want to learn the basics of carbohydrate counting or progress on to advanced carb counting using carb-to-insulin ratios and correction factors. The Complete Guide to Carb Counting begins with answers to questions—what’s carbohydrate?; why carb counting can help people control your blood glucose levels? Next people can build their knowledge step by step from how to count carbs, how much carb to eat, how to use food labels, where to find carb counts for restaurant foods and much more. Learn more about Complete Guide to Carb Counting, 3rd ed on Hope Warshaw’s Website.

danielle_omarDanielle Omar, MS, RD
Website: foodconfidence.com

Danielle Omar, MS, RD is an RD in private practice in Fairfax, VA.  She is an Integrative Dietitian, food confidence advocate, teacher, blogger, and mom. She is passionate about eating and living clean. She has appeared in print, television/video, and blogs. Here are some of her appearances and publications.

Media by Danielle:

NBC Washington: Healthy Meals for Less than $5, March 24, 2011

Washingtonian Magazine: Lunch Break: Au Bon Pain, January 12, 2011

Video | NBC Washington: Healthy Eating for Children, July 18, 2011

Rita Smith is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator for Martha Jefferson Hospital. Smith gives educational classes in classrooms and at Giant Supermarkets. Photo/Andrew Shurtleff

Rita Smith, MS, RD, CDE

Rita Smith is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator for Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville. Smith gives educational classes in classrooms and at Giant Supermarket. She is the nutrition authority on NBC29 News at Noon on Mondays during Rita’s Lunch Bag. Rita answers nutrition questions, provides shopping tips and highlights new healthy products on the supermarket shelves and modifies recipes to make them healthier. On Tuesdays during NBC29 News at Sunrise, she shares healthy recipes and menu ideas. Visit the NBC29 Web page on Rita’s Lunch Bag for more info.

Rita’s Lunch Bag includes:

  • Foods Best for Heart Disease Prevention
  • Recipes to Help Manage Diabetes
  • Diet Tips for Healthy Triglycerides
  • Kid-Friendly Dairy Based Food
  • Light Recipes for Spring

Rita’s NBS29 News Clip on Whole Grains

NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA News, Sports and Weather

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