Member Spotlight

Highlighting Our Incredible VAND Members!

Robin Atwood, MS, RDN, CSO

Interviewed by: Taylor Horne, RD

Robin is currently based in the Sentara RMH Hahn Cancer Center where she provides nutrition counseling for maximizing nutrition and wellness to cancer patients and cancer survivors.

What inspired you to join the field of dietetics? I have always been interested in wellness and wanted a career where I could help people improve their health.  I also wanted a career where I would not become bored.  With the vast amount of ongoing nutrition research being conducted, I am always learning something new to pass on to my patients.  Each patient presents his or her own puzzle made up of many pieces, and it is fun to try to “solve” each puzzle.  I am never bored with my job as a nutrition counselor.

What is the best thing about being a part of VAND? Two benefits of VAND membership that I value are continuing education and networking opportunities.  I work independently in my job so I appreciate opportunities to learn from and socialize with other RDNs.

Tell us something surprising about yourself! I lived in London, England for 10 years and one year while there, I served as the Secretary for the American Overseas Dietetics Association.

What are your favorite things to do outside of work? Outside of work, I enjoy yoga, cycling, hiking, traveling, and brewing kombucha.

What has been your most exciting event during 2019? This year I will be traveling to Germany to visit my daughter, who is living there.

Congratulations to Robin for being such an important part of our profession!