Member Spotlight

Highlighting Our Incredible VAND Members!

Jim White RDN, ACSM EX-P

Interviewed by: Kristen Chang MS, RDN, CSSD

VAND is pleased that Jim will join an outstanding group of speakers for the VAND 2020 Annual Meeting in Virginia Beach!

What is your current position of employment?  I wear a lot of hats as a dietitian and business owner!  I am the owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios, which has 3 locations in the tidewater region.  I also am the owner of JW3 Corporate Wellness Company, which provides corporate wellness services extending from Virginia Beach to Maryland.  Additionally, I operate a non-profit organization, LIFT Fitness Foundation, which provides mentorship to the homeless in regard to nutrition, physical activity, and job placement.  LIFT stands for “Lifting spirits, Improving bodies, Feeding souls, and Transforming lives.”  In my spare time I advocate for the profession as a spokesman for various companies and through writing, media, and blogging.

What inspired you to join the field of dietetics?  I was led to the field of dietetics purely by personal passion.  As a lifelong athlete that played multiple sports, I knew the critical role that nutrition played in performance and also knew I wanted to pursue a profession where I could help people.  I also knew that the field of dietetics could use more male practitioners and wanted a career where I could marry the practice of both nutrition and physical activity.

What is the best thing about being a part of VAND?  I believe it’s important to have a local group of RDNs to discuss issues, interact, and network with on a regular basis.  We are facing a lot of challenges in our industry and nutrition is evolving in many ways – it’s critical to have that team to lean on and grow.

In more recent years I have really embraced my role as a mentor helping young professionals develop a sense of direction.  I accept interns in my program (both dietetics and exercise science).  I remember what it was like to depend on so many people to get started as a dietitian and this really fuels my desire to give back to the profession.

Tell us something surprising about yourself!  I enjoy playing the piano and harmonica.  In addition to sports, I also had a passion for music growing up and have played music most of my life.

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?  Travel!  I travel a lot with my business, but even more so I enjoy traveling with my wife and young daughter.  In my downtime I prefer spending time with my family and engaging in simple, restorative activities.

What has been your most exciting event during 2019?  The arrival of my second child this month!

Congratulations to Jim for being such an important part of our profession!