Announcing VAND’s New Executive Director

Over the past six weeks, VAND’s Executive Director Search Committee comprising Carlene Thomas (Chair) Lesley McPhatter, Kimberly Lunsford and me, has been recruiting for a new Executive Director. We are pleased to let you know that Jillian Davis, RDN, has accepted the position!

Jillian Davis, RDNJillian is very excited to serve the VAND community of nutrition professionals as the new Executive Director!  She has enjoyed past experiences in many different areas of nutrition including the clinical setting, food marketing and promotion, and community education.  She has worked as a School Marketing Manager with the Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association, supporting nutrition education programs throughout northern Virginia, and most recently served as Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent in Charlottesville and surrounding counties, as well as in Fairfax County.  Her experience with individuals, families, and nutrition professionals throughout the state has provided her with a unique view of the diverse communities we serve in Virginia.  In addition to her work as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Jillian enjoys walking, jogging, knitting, reading, gardening, and experiencing the fullness of life with her family.

She will begin learning the ropes over the next few weeks by working with Jackie Darling, Interim Executive Director; Shirley Scrafford, Cvent Coordinator;  Kristen Chang, Website Coordinator; Cindy MacIntyre, Treasurer, and the rest of the Executive Board.

Please plan on attending the Annual Meeting so you can meet Jillian in person!


Nicole V Brown, MS, RDN, LD ACSM EP-C, VAND President


Nicole V. Brown, MS, RDN, LD, ACSM EP-C
President, VAND

Order Writing Privileges Resources

Thanks to Wendy Phillips for creating the resources for order writing privileges in Virginia! 

Order Writing Privilege Resources are now available on the Downloads section of our website:

As a complimentary resource for members, we have posted guidance materials to help you implement order writing privileges for RDNs in acute care hospitals.  As always, we must mention the caveat that these are not intended to replace legal advice or the guidance from your hospital’s administration.

Materials that are now posted:

  • Sample protocol for MNT orders
  • Sample protocol for delegated nutrition orders
  • Handouts from VAND’s 2015 Annual Meeting workshop on order writing privileges
  • Guidance on the Drug Control Act of VA (Thank you to the clinical nutrition manager at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, Regine Dallosta, for bringing the relevant regulations affecting parenteral nutrition ordering in Virginia to our attention)

VAND will continue to post resources on the website as they come available. We encourage you to share your resources with us so that we can post for others to customize (pay it forward!).  Be sure to check the Members Section under Downloads of for these resources.

Thank you for your ongoing work and support!

nicole_brown2Nicole V. Brown, MS, RDN, LD, ACSM EP-C

President, VAND

VAND February President’s Message

When I think of February. . .

…I think of American Heart Month, National Cancer Prevention Month, Children’s Dental Health Month, and VAND’s Legislative Day!

VAND is heading to Richmond on February 24th. At 9 a.m. Senator Stanley (District 22) will get our Legislative Day rolling. He is the patron for the Medical Homes legislation in the Senate and the Patient Centered Medical Advisory Board (Senate Bill 20). Our Legislative Consultant Extraordinaire, Andrew Lamar, recommended that a representative from VAND be on the Board and the most current version of SB 20 includes that language! Thank you, Andrew! Senator Stanley is also sponsoring SB 19 that involves a pilot program for telemedicine.

If you have never experienced the opportunity to meet at the state capitol, sit in the gallery of the Assembly or Senate and enjoy the thrill of a “VAND shout out” by one of our legislators to his or her colleagues, then please plan on registering for VAND’s Legislative Day. You will be able to accompany seasoned RDNs while making visits to individual legislators to let them know what we do to promote the health of Virginians. Carpools will be organized by districts—contact your DLR (District Legislative Representative (Blue Ridge Sara Mastrantonia; Northern Jackie Darling; Richmond Nana Ofosu-Benefo; Southwest Susan Noble; andTidewater Amber Rivera). Throughout the day, you’ll have the chance to network with other RDNs and Andrew Lamar, VAND’s Legislative Consultant, will apprise us of pertinent legislation to keep an eye on.

If you want to make a difference, if you want to make an IMPACT on the health of Virginians, please register for Legislative Day at here.

Speaking of making an IMPACT. . .

School Nutrition Advocates Needed

Do you work with school nutrition? School Health Advisory Board members, community leaders, or just involved parent RDNs are the topic of a list we’re working to compile to assist with our child nutrition work with Virginia’s First Lady. If you’re involved with school nutrition in some way, please send your name, contact information, school district, and a bit about your involvement to one of our Assistant State Policy Representatives, Faye Krause at

Get out the Vote in Academy and DPG Elections February 1 –February 22

Motivational Interviewing Study:

Monarch Media, has received a grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture to conduct a study on the effectiveness of an online training program in improving motivational interviewing skills for dietitians. We’re currently recruiting study participants across the country.

In addition to the stipend and coded sessions mentioned in the recruiting documents, participants may also receive 3 CE credits (approval pending).

Annual Meeting April 10-12 Fair Oaks Marriott Fairfax VA

The VAND Annual Meeting Planning Committee meets at least once a month and has been doing so since July. Jackie and Karen Heagney are co-chairing the AM. Other committee members include Shari Goldsmith, Karyn Theis, Teresa Lucas, Shirley Scrafford, Janet Sass, Anu Kaur, and me. We spend a good three hours strategizing for the AM.

To maintain reasonable registration fees and the overall cost-effectiveness of Annual Meeting, we depend on vendors for sponsorships and the purchase of exhibit spaces.  Members owning small businesses receive a 50% discount for exhibit spaces.  You pay only $225 ($450 value) for the opportunity to showcase your products and/or services to 300+ professional colleagues.  You are also welcome to use a “buddy system” and share a space with another member to split the cost.  Interested members should contact Jackie Darling, VAND Interim Executive Director, at (use hyperlink) or (703) 815-8293.  In addition, Jackie welcomes any potential vendor contacts (corporate or non-profit) to extend an invitation to participate.  Please email her with contact name, email address and preferred phone number.

Check out the sensational program that offers up to 20 CPEUs over three days by going to (use hyperlink) and clicking on the Annual Meeting section.  You will be connected to the Cvent meeting site that includes the agenda, fees, lodging information and link to online registration with a credit card or PayPal account.  I hope to see you in Fairfax in April for a premiere education and networking opportunity to advance your practice.”

Opportunities to Serve:

*Treasurer-Elect: If you really want to learn about VAND, consider running for Treasurer-Elect. My three years as NVAND Treasurer prepared me for NVAND President and then VAND President. There is no better way to understand an organization than by serving as Treasurer. In this position, for the first year, you will be mentored by our current Treasurer-Extraordinaire, Cindy MacIntyre. I have known Cindy for years (we are both from NOVA) and I can’t think of a better person to learn from when it comes to being VAND Treasurer! You can self-nominate!

Please help me extend a warm welcome to our

New Assistant Member Services Chair, Bernice Akinbileje! She will be learning the ins and outs of Member Services from current Chair, Tarren Corbin! Thank you for volunteering, Bernice.

*Questions? Contact Wendy Phillips, Nominating Committee Chair. Please email nominations to Wendy Phillips by February 15, 2016. 

Upcoming Events

  • February 15, 2016 Treasurer-Elect Nominations (self-nominations) due
  • February 24 Legislative Day Richmond (snow day March 2)
  • March 1-7 VAND Elections
  • March 2016 National Nutrition Month “Savor the Flavor of Eating Right” has lots of resources for RDNs and NDTRs to use.
  • April 10-12 Annual Meeting:, Fair Oaks Marriott, Fairfax, VA


As always, I am interested in your insights, your questions, and requests.


Nicole V Brown, MS, RDN, LD ACSM EP-C

VAND President


Springfield, VA

Attention Medicare RD Providers: Are you participating in PQRS?

Attention Medicare RD Providers:  Are you participating in PQRS?

If you are an RD and Medicare Provider, then hopefully you are familiar with PQRS – the Physician Quality Reporting System that Medicare uses for providers to report quality measure on patients. In the   past, there were payment incentives to participate  but now there are penalties. If you did not report PQRS measures in 2014, there will be a reduction in payments to you from Medicare in 2016. There is a 2 year lag in this process.  Keep in mind if you didn’t do this in 2015, then your payments decrease in 2017. So, if follows that you definitely want to do this in 2016! You must report these on at least 50% of the Medicare patients that you submit claims.   I attended a Webinar recently by Ann Silver, a dietitian in private practice on the ABCS of PQRS and it was very good. Highlights include:

Starting in 2016, unsatisfactory reporting will be a 2% reduction in payment

There are now 4 measures to report on Diabetes patients (not the 5 we did in 2015): 

  1. HbgA1C once per year
  2.  BMI once per year
  3. Elder Maltreatment screen once per year
  4. Medication list once per visit (LDL Cholesterol was taken off so you do not need to report this)

For CRF patients the above applies – if they are not diabetic, then you would not report an A1C.

If all this sounds foreign and you do not want to lose money for the patients you are seeing that have Medicare and you are a Medicare provider, then please go to AND’s website and read all the info on PQRS so you can implement this as soon as possible.   It can be a little confusing and overwhelming so there is a much more thorough explanation as well as “5 Easy Steps on how to Participate” if you log onto, then “Practice,” “Getting Started with Payment,” “Medicare MNT,” “Medicare PQRS.”

To a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Lise Gloede, RD, CDE Owner, Nutrition Coaching LLC VAND Reimbursement Advisor

Lise Gloede, RD, CDE

Owner, Nutrition Coaching LLC

VAND Reimbursement Rep.