Here is the fourth nutritional strategy that you can share with clients to help ensure optimal immune health during these cold winter months.

Consume foods with naturally occurring probiotics to improve gut health

New and emerging research regarding gut bacteria shows that our gut microbiome has a direct impact on brain and immune health.

While a probiotic supplement is one way to build up healthy bacteria within the gut, first start by incorporating foods with natural probiotics into your daily regime.

These include: yogurts and aged cheeses, kefir, sauerkraut, miso, tempeh, kimchi, sour pickles and kombucha.

By consuming 2-3 probiotic-rich foods daily, you are feeding the healthy bacteria in your gut that in turn can lend to a stronger immune system.

Kristen Chang

Kristen Chang

Kristen Chang is a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and triathlete, currently serving as the President of the Southwest Virginia Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. She works as the owner of the nutrition private practice Real Food For Fuel, LLC and adjunct instructor for Virginia Tech and Radford University. Kristen lives in Blacksburg, VA with her husband, Jordan, and dogs Kenya and Sunny.