Thanks to Wendy Phillips for creating the resources for order writing privileges in Virginia! 

Order Writing Privilege Resources are now available on the Downloads section of our website:

As a complimentary resource for members, we have posted guidance materials to help you implement order writing privileges for RDNs in acute care hospitals.  As always, we must mention the caveat that these are not intended to replace legal advice or the guidance from your hospital’s administration.

Materials that are now posted:

  • Sample protocol for MNT orders
  • Sample protocol for delegated nutrition orders
  • Handouts from VAND’s 2015 Annual Meeting workshop on order writing privileges
  • Guidance on the Drug Control Act of VA (Thank you to the clinical nutrition manager at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, Regine Dallosta, for bringing the relevant regulations affecting parenteral nutrition ordering in Virginia to our attention)

VAND will continue to post resources on the website as they come available. We encourage you to share your resources with us so that we can post for others to customize (pay it forward!).  Be sure to check the Members Section under Downloads of for these resources.

Thank you for your ongoing work and support!

nicole_brown2Nicole V. Brown, MS, RDN, LD, ACSM EP-C

President, VAND