How do you contribute to the health and well-being of Virginians?  Who knows about your work?  Do you know someone else who has outcomes to share?

As highly educated and credentialed nutrition professionals, RDNs and NDTRs know they are the nutrition experts that promote the health of Virginians in numerous ways.  This occurs daily in  clinical, outpatient and private practice settings, in public, community health, research, and academia.  We contribute in volunteer efforts as well.  But very importantly, how do legislators, physicians, allied health providers, health coaches, and all Virginians know what a difference we make?

In order to communicate our impact and how we differ from non-credentialed providers, the VAND Outcomes Committee is compiling a list of examples that describe the specific ways RDNs, NDTRs, interns, and students have made a difference.  Do you have a story to share on the impact you are making or have made in your professional life?  Do you know a colleague who has done so?  If so, please complete this ten-minute survey.

Click here to view Outcomes submissions from VAND members throughout VA!

If you have written a paper, presented at FNCE, ASPEN, JASPEN, or VAND’s Annual Meeting on a topic that influenced the health of Virginians, please send your abstract to Nicole Brown, Outcomes Committee Chair,  The VAND Outcomes Committee will review all submissions and with your permission, will include your information.

It is our hope that having this information easily accessible will:

  • shine a spotlight on our expertise
  • set ourselves apart from others who provide nutrition information/services
  • be a resource to our Public Policy team when interacting with legislators
  • underscore our value to employers
  • serve as an inspiration to our colleagues, interns, and students

Please contact Nicole Brown, MS, RDN, LD, ACSM EP-C and VAND’s Outcomes Committee Chairperson if you have questions! or 703-969-6114.