The Virginia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is a professional, not-for-profit organization of food and nutrition experts affiliated with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Nearly 1500 members and 34 board members serve the citizens of our Commonwealth through the promotion of optimal nutrition, health and well-being. We support the pairing of good nutrition with food that tastes good to promote lifelong eating habits that bring pleasure and wellness to our tables and lives. VAND is managed by a Board of Directors with 13 voting members and our membership consists of Registered Dietitians Nutritionists (RDNs), Dietetic Technicians, Registered (DTRs) and students from five local districts statewide.

Mission: Empower members to be Virginia’s food and nutrition leaders.

Vision: Optimize the health of Virginians through food and nutrition expertise.

Where We Practice:

  • Hospitals, HMOs, Long Term Care settings and other health care facilities as integral members of the health care team in the provision of Medical Nutrition Therapy through the Nutrition Care Process
  • Sports Nutrition and Corporate Wellness Programs; educating clients about the association of food, fitness and health
  • Government and Food and Nutrition Related Industries; working in research, public relations, marketing and product development
  • Private Practice and Consultation; providing education and services to consumers, health care facilities and food companies
  • Schools, Community and Public Health Settings; advocating healthy eating habits and sound policy to improve the quality of life
    Colleges, Universities and Medical Centers as educators of students, interns and allied health professionals.

Legislative Agenda:

  • Protect the public by obtaining Licensure for Registered Dietitians in Virginia
  • Prevent and reduce overweight and obesity in all age groups, with a focus on school and community programs
  • Support evidence-based childhood and school nutrition programs
  • Reduce health care costs with evidence-based Medical Nutrition Therapy for persons of all ages
  • Ensure qualified health professionals are utilized in the Health Care Reform implementation
  • Support a Sustainable Food System in Virginia

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