Action Alerts

Every Action Alert, Every Time!

Action alerts allow us to bring the Academy’s policy issues to the attention of members of Congress and help to raise awareness and add legitimacy to a particular priority issue – in less than a minute!

Click here to access the Academy of Nutrition an Dietetics EatRightPRO Advocacy Action Center and take action today!

There’s no limit on how many times you can take action, so put it on your daily to-do list and make your voice heard!


  • Action Alerts can be sent multiple times!  Legislators will remember you if they have received multiple emails on the same topic.
  • Every letter sent through an Action Alert makes an impact!
  • Action Alerts can be edited to personalize them.  Just type your changes in the message body text box when reviewing your message and then click on “Send Message”.
  • You will need your to enter your email and mailing address to find your legislators.
  • Share action alerts with your RD/RDN/NDTR colleagues and friends via email and/or social media.
  • Email Sarah Collins, Public Policy Coordinator, if you need assistance.