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Virginia General Assembly 2018 Legislative Session

January 20, 2018 – The second week of session was full of legislative activity.  The week began with Governor Northam giving his first address to a joint assembly of the legislature.  Governor Northam outlined many of his legislative priorities to members of both chambers of the general assembly.  This past week also saw every committee hold their first organizational meeting.  For the house, this meant that delegates were assigned to subcommittees, several of which were new assignments.  Both chambers are now fully engrossed in legislative hearings and are moving through the enormous number of bills in a swift manner.  Yesterday was the last day to introduce legislation and in total there were 1603 house bills and 964 senate bills, the most for a long session in recent history.

The full list of bills that we are following can be found at the link below.  Most of these have not been taken up yet, but will be considered over the next three weeks before the February 13th crossover deadline.  Please let us know if you have any questions or comments regarding these bills, some of which we will be actively engaged in.  Once a bill is defeated, you will notice a red cell in the “Failed” column for each bill, or a green cell if a bill is approved by the full House or Senate, and eventually the governor.

Legislators also submitted their ideas for amending the state budget this week, and they can be found here.  We will be reviewing and identifying key amendments this week.  The House Appropriations committee and Senate Finance committee will review these proposals and put together their own versions of the state budget for approval on Sunday, February 11th.  The full House and Senate are schedule to adopt their versions of the budget on Thursday, February 15th before budget negotiators will begin crafting a final two-year spending plan to send to the governor.


January 13, 2018 – The Virginia General Assembly officially convened the 2018 legislative session on Wednesday, January 10th at 12 noon.  After November’s election results, and a series of recounts (plus a drawing to decide the results of a tied election), the balance of power in the House of Delegates remained in question up and until the morning of the 10th.  Ultimately, the final two seats in question were resolved and all 100 members were sworn in and seated as duly elected members of the House.  Fifty-one Republicans and forty-nine Democrats unanimously elected Delegate Kirk Cox of Colonial Heights to be the 55th Speaker of the House of Delegates.   Nineteen new members were elected to the Virginia House in 2017, including 12 women.  There are now a record-high 28 women in the House, the previous high being 19.

The House of Delegates adopted a new set of rules to govern the House for the biennium.  Major changes include proportional party representation on subcommittees, recorded votes in subcommittee, and limiting the morning hour of the daily floor session to no more than one hour.  While not a formal rule change, the majority is following a consultative process with the minority on preferences for committee assignments.  Another major change for the House and Senate is that (along with daily floor sessions) all committee hearings will now be live-streamed.  Links to the committee hearings can be found HERE on the homepage of the General Assembly website.

As of the today, 1384 House bills had been introduced and another 809 Senate bills.  That’s already more than were introduced in 2016, and members have another week to introduce legislation… though they are limited to only a few bills each after the start of session.  Members have until Friday the 12th to submit amendments to the governor’s introduced budget and those will be made available by the middle of next week.

The legislature will spend the next four weeks acting on the legislation introduced in their own chamber, and after February 13th they can only consider legislation approved by the other legislative body.  Each chamber will adopt its own version of a new biennial budget on February 15th and work to negotiate a final agreement by the scheduled date of adjournment, March 10th.

While more bills will be introduced over the next week, here’s a list of the bills we are following so far:


 Stay tuned for updates throughout the 2018 Legislative Session…